Saturday Draw # 3279 22nd December 2012 $4 Million – Predicted Numbers

Updated: December 17, 2012

Saturday Lotto/X Lotto/Gold Lotto Draw 3279 will be the second last Saturday draw before the end of the year and the $30 Million dollar Megadraw which happens on the 29th.  Being still on the hunt for one more division 2 prize before the end of the year for our members, we are trusting that Draw 3279 will pay some great dividends for us.  Members can find the predicted numbers and games for this draw below.  The results of draw 3279 will be published right here after the draw and a full wrap of the draw and dividend results can be found by clicking here.

Members tonight are GUARANTEED to get 5 out of 6 numbers if the winning 6 numbers fall in our 12 HOT number prediction.

The 12 HOT predicted numbers for draw 3279

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