Saturday Draw # 3277 15th December 2012 $4 Million – Results

Updated: December 13, 2012

The winning numbers for Saturday Draw # 3277  are 16,41,7,9,20 & 5 – Supps were 6 & 11 – see dividend info below

Tonight’s Lotto Draw 3277 caps off a quiet week of lotto for us and lotto in general with some wins for us and our members but nothing huge – at least each win was multiple wins on the same ticket!  We of course are still in the hunt for one more division 2 prize before the end of this year.

Tonight 2 people take home just under 2 Million each in Draw # 3277, 56 winners take home just under a cool 10 grand each, just over a thousand winners collect a grands happy holiday fund money and the rest you can see below.

These dividends are courtesy of

Division Prize Division Prize pool Winners Combinations
Win + Supp
Division 1 $1,983,751.55 $3,967,503.10 2 winners 6
Division 2 $9,621.30 $538,792.80 56 winners 5 + 1 or 2
Division 3 $1,079.55 $1,162,675.35 1077 winners 5
Division 4 $29.80 $1,757,246.40 58968 winners 4
Division 5 $17.45 $2,952,051.40 169172 winners 3 + 1 or 2
Division 6 $10.30 $3,800,514.60 368982 winners 1 or 2 + 2

That’s it for tonight folks.  I trust you are all looking forward to next weeks Oz Lotto’s Jackpot of $40 million.  We will be producing all the predicted games tomorrow and will publish them sometime Sunday.

Results of Draw 3277 for Saturday the 15th of December, including dividend information and a full wrap of how our members did with our 12 HOT predicted numbers will be available right here on this page soon after draw 3277 takes place and the results are in.  Soon we might put a fancy “countdown” to draw 3277 timer on these pages.  Members can find our predicted numbers for draw 3277 here

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